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Hecho En Italia srl has as its main statutory objective the implementation of exports from Cuba in line with the country macroeconomic strategy aimed at increasing local production aimed at exporting, over the years it has increased its skills to offer its customers increasingly professional advice and complete.

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HEI in the course he has given birth to many projects of social relaunch and development, especially in the agricultural field where he has supported the equalitarian and solidarity work with the campesinos who have always worked the land.

From this experience, Hei along with AICEC has estabilished Cuba Tierra Libre in order to distribute Cuban excellences such as certified sugar Bio Fairtrade and the Frente Oriental coffee.

The products are then distributed by a network made up of numerous Italian territorial realities through the initiative Sano Giusto Solidale.


Deciding to create business projects in Cuba can meet different problemsHEI offers companies dedicated consultancy on project feasibility, costs, logistics and internal bureaucracy.

The company will be accompanied from the first to the last project step, both in Italy and in Cuba.


HEI collaborates on a regular basis with manufacturing companies throughout the country with the aim of implementing exports and trade exchanges between Italy and Cuba, promoting fair and equal trade for all the players involved.

One of vision fundamental business is to consider goods and non-products what we import from Cuba, recognizing the value and quality of the work of the campesinos who have been cultivating the land for generations.


HEI offers companies legal and bureaucratic consultancy on the rules in force in the Cuban territory.

The presence of HEI in Cuba since 2016 has allowed us not only to be country experts on internal laws and rules, but also to develop a network of relationships and contacts able to support client companies directly in the area, reducing time and consequently costs.

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