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AICEC is the Italian Agency for Cultural and Economic Exchange with Cuba: it is the agency that accompanies Italian companies in the construction of investment projects in Cuba.

Based in Turin, AICEC develops its consulting activity throughout the Italian territory thanks to a close collaboration with ProCuba (the Cuban Agency for Foreign Investments) and with the Cuban Embassy in Italy.



AICEC Cultural and Economic Exchange Agency with Cuba was born in 2015 and is based in Turin. The statutory task is to promote any initiative aimed at building or strengthening dialogue, cultural and economic relations between Cuba and the Italian territories.

AICEC strongly believes that Cuba represents a global challenge for the economy and society. A country that has been able to resist over the years to very strong economic crises, poverty and a very heavy embargo that was largely the cause.

Today Cuba is faced with an enormous challenge, that of the progressive transition from an economic one with a socialist imprint to a system inserted in the free market.

This challenge is not only economic, indeed it is mainly a social and cultural challenge.

AICEC proposes itself as an agent capable of connecting the best economic, social and cultural practices from the Italian territory with similar Cuban experiences. In order to create economic, social and cultural bridges and ties capable of facing change and gaining a direct advantage for both territories.

AICEC thanks to its network of institutional, economic and cultural contacts, it is able to organize and promote initiatives of an economic, social and cultural nature. Solutions for B To B, consultancy for companies, organization, logistics and targeted agenda for business trips, social and cultural planning, exchanges of experience. 

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